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What Is Backyard Birding?

Backyard Birding is a matching and collecting game. It involves a blend of decision making and chance. You never know which birds will appear, and which will fly away at the end of the turn! Check out the video below for an introduction!

Backyard Birding - First Look and Overview

Backyard Birding - First Look and Overview

Play Video

The game is fast paced, fair, and rewarding for players of different motivations and skill levels. What kind of player are you?

Why Should I Play?

I Want to Win!

Choosing which Backyard cards to play, watching which Backyard cards have been used by other players, and the point value of birds are important strategies for winning. 

What's in the Box?

  • 38 Bird cards representing many of the most common species of the Pacific Northwest

  • 8 Surprise cards that will come up during play

  • 50 Backyard cards representing the habitat and food sources birds will need

  • 4 Season cards which tell you which birds are in season and worth the most points

  • 2 Reference cards to help you with the essential rules

  • The Rule Book

Note: In order to offer the game to you at its lowest possible cost, we’ve opted NOT to include a six-sided dice, which is required for play. We figure you can grab one out of another game in the house or stop at the dollar store!

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