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Buying the Game

 The Kickstarter campaign for Backyard Birding has ended, but copies of the game are still available for purchase! Hurry, though, because supplies are limited! 


You can purchase the game in-person from one or our retail backers; however, quantities in-store are limited. Visit either of these retailers in the greater Seattle area:


You can purchase the game from Backyard Birding HQ directly by sending an inquiry to: Please note that quantities are limited and will be fulfilled in the order that they were received. 

  • Cost per game is $17/each (includes shipping within the US)

  • International shipping is available at an increased shipping cost, to be determined on a case by case basis (usually about +$10)

  • Payment accepted via PayPal only

  • Shipping via USPS First Class Ground (allow up to 10 days)

  • Discount pricing available for bulk orders (12 or more units); $11/each, plus shipping cost TBD based on size of order

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