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Credits and Attributions

Backyard Birding is designed by Jeff Morgenroth and Jeremy Schwartz, who own the copyright to all applicable game content, including original text, original photography, videos, and illustrations.

Card/box design by Erik Holman.

Original graphics by Eris Noren.

Backyard Birding Intro Video

Original video and artwork by the Backyard Birding team. Check out the video here!

Music by BenSound

Sounds Effects from Freesound

  • (264298__robinhood76__05687-morning-birds-ambience)

  • (327666__juan-merie-venter__dog-bark)

  • (242955__acollier123__garden-lawn-mower)

Thank Yous

We owe a debt of gratitude to those who were involved in the organized play tests for the game. The game in its current form would not be here without their input and suggestions.

We'd also like to thank our loving and patient partners, who have put up with months of bird-game talk as Backyard Birding worked its way through development. Their advice, support, and suggestions were vital to the creation of the game.


This game would not be possible without the amazing photography and other artistic contributions of individuals around the world sharing their work in the Creative Commons. Please refer to the table below for a full list of photography attributions and click on the photographer's name were applicable to see full citation information for each photo.



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