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Calling All Bird Nerds: 4 Easy Ways to Support Backyard Birding

By Jeff Morgenroth

After having a blast at the Wings Over Water bird festival, our Kickstarter campaign is well under way!

We’re sure a lot of you have already made a pledge (if you haven’t … get on it!). That’s awesome—you’re helping make our project a success.

But here’s the thing...

The key to Kickstarter success is sustained and diverse outreach. We’re doing our job to set up events and to network with organizations like the Seattle Audubon Society. But there’s some relatively easy ways you can help, too.

If you want the game to be a reality, consider taking some of the following actions to help us across our funding goal.

Make a Pledge

While obvious, this is the most important thing you can do to make Backyard Birding a reality. By pledging to support Backyard Birding, you are covering manufacturing and shipping costs for your copy of the game. We’re not in this to make a profit, just to bring the joy of birds to as many people as we can. Every little bit helps, so go to Kickstarter and put your name down for one (or more!) copies of the game.

Tell a Friend

Actually, tell 20 friends … 30 friends … all the friends!

Word of mouth is critical, and the pitch means a ton coming from you (versus a Facebook ad). We hope you’re as excited about the game as we are, and hope you advocate for its success.

Post to social media about your enthusiasm for backing. Tell your friends about what you’ll be bringing to the next game night. Mention it to your fellow parents or grandparents looking for an upcoming kid’s birthday. Everyone who sees the game gets into it, so sharing it goes a long way.

Write a Facebook Recommendation

Did you know that you can write short reviews or recommendations on the Facebook pages of groups or businesses like ours? It’s easy! If you’ve played the game, your endorsement lets potential backers know it’s the real deal. Check it out!

Look for the Review link on the side of our Facebook page on a desktop computer.
Look for the Review link on the left side of our Facebook page on a desktop computer.

When viewing our Facebook page on mobile, look for the Review tab just to the right of the Posts tab.
When viewing our Facebook page on mobile, look for the Review tab just to the right of the Posts tab.

You’ll be asked a simple Yes or No whether you recommend us, then asked for a few sentences describing your recommendation.

These recommendations help Pages of all sorts get discovered across Facebook, as one in three Facebook users rely on the platform to look for recommendations and reviews.

Come to Our Events

Beginning March 30, we’ll be hosting public events at stores and gaming restaurants across the greater Seattle area.

Our bird festival launch event showed us that our game shines the most when people are watching other people play. They get to see firsthand the thrill of winning that one bird you really wanted, or the cries of disappointment as one dice roll scares away all but one bird from the Flock! Stop by to show your support and help catch the attention of others.

Your enthusiasm and support are part of what will make the game a success. Stay tuned!


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