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How You Can Help Us

The most important thing you can do to help make Backyard Birding a success is to support our Kickstarter campaign. The second most important thing? Share the game with your friends, family and community.

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Backyard Birding is a pet-project of two guys who love birds and games. So we’re all on the same page, here’s us wearing our hearts on our sleeves so you know where we’re coming from and how we see the game in the future.


Our Mission

“Play. Attract. Learn!” is pretty much our motto for a reason. For us, this game is about sharing the enjoyment of birds in a fun format. If you can tell the difference between a junco and a chickadee after playing—we’ll feel pretty good.

Short-term Goal

Our motto isn’t “Create-Market-Profit.” We’re realistic in what we can accomplish in this first endeavor, and are not driven by profit. We count success as delivering a limited-run of the game (500 copies) to our backers. This minimizes risk and gives you the best chance to enjoy the game at the conclusion of our crowd-funding campaign.

Any surplus funding will go to pay back expenses accrued during design, and then to consider for future projects.

Long-term Goal

Currently we designed our efforts to end after our Kickstarter campaign. If the demand is there, we are open to future printings and even new versions of the game to feature birds from different regions.


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