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Backyard Birding Has Been Successfully Funded!

A White-crowned Sparrow sings from a fence post in Northwest Washington State.
Our White-crowned Sparrow mascot, Whitey, sings the tale of a successful Kickstarter campaign!

By Jeremy Schwartz

We did it!

193 backers pledged $9,905, meaning we met and exceeded our goal by $1,405! This means our game will become a reality!

We want to offer the biggest of thank yous to everyone who supported us, either through pledging directly or simply spreading the word (or both). The game has been a year and a few months in the making, and we are thrilled and so grateful it's finally going to be a real thing.

If you're one of our pledgers, you'll be receiving a separate message directly from our Kickstarter campaign with more details on next steps.

No matter how you supported us, we're grateful. From the bottom of our birdy hearts: THANK YOU!


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